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James Houghton's Unlimited Time Attack Integra Type R

James Houghton's Unlimited Time Attack Integra Type R

Posted by Matt on 2020 Jan 6th

James Houghton, @time_Attack_typer 

By the spring of 2016 we had tried many different shocks on the Time Attack Integra, but we had yet to find something that truly gave us what we needed.

We wanted a shock that was able to cope with the large aero loads that our car was producing, we needed the car to be compliant on some of the bumpy tracks we run, and we wanted something that was very versatile and didn’t want to be making a lot of adjustments all the time.

When we first installed them and did our first test day at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mosport) in April of 2016 I was blown away. Even with all the shocks just set in the middle of their adjustments the car drove fantastic. I said to the team when I pulled in, “while I was out there I didn’t have to think about the shocks at all, I was able to think about all the other aspects of the car and the driving”

Since then as the car has gone faster and faster (8 seconds faster at mosport then in 2016) what the car has required has changed and we are now using the pro circuit 3 ways with some of the stiffest springs available (34kg in the front) and the car is performing better then ever.

After winning 7 championships and setting more then 2 dozen time attack track records these coilovers have proved to be a serious asset to this car!