Heat Managment

  • Turbo Blanket

    Turbo Blanket

    Turbo blankets are a great solution to keeping engine bay temperatures down. Our titanium turbo blankets are rated for 2,500°F and made of titanium, fiberglass, and kevlar. Sizes from T25 to T4 these will fit multiple applications. T25 is for smaller...

    $130.00 - $170.00
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  • Gold Thermal Tape Gold Thermal Tape

    Gold Thermal Tape

    Our high heat tape is designed is an easy way to keep heat away from parts you do want it. Available in 20" x 20" sheets or 2" x 15' and 2" x 30' rolls. The self adhesive tape can be easily stuck to anything you want to keep heat from effecting. The...

    $40.00 - $75.00
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  • Exhaust Wrap Exhaust Wrap

    Exhaust Wrap

    Optional stainless zip ties are for piping up to 3.5" (Can be doubled up for larger piping)   Exhaust wrap is designed for a few purposes. It will help keep engine bay temperatures down. This is very important to keep intake temperatures down and...

    $40.00 - $67.00
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