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  • White Clean Cut Tape

    White Clean Cut Tape

    Instructions:  Wrap the Clear Clean Cut tape over 2in of the hose on either side of where you will be cutting. Using the White Clean Cut tape cover 1in on either side of where the cut will be. Once the tape has been applied you can start to cut...

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  • Vice Liners

    Use our Composite Plastic Vise Liners in just about any standard vice to protect the finish on anodized fittings when putting the line assemblies together. Each liner has one large strong magnet to keep it in place during use. Perfect to use when...

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  • Turbo Oil Restrictor

    Turbo Oil Restrictor

    Application: Turbos running 1/8NPT or 7/16-24 Thread   Engines run at different oil pressure. This can often result in too much oil pressure for a turbo. This can cause premature wear and failure of oil seals in the turbo or smoking. The simple oil...

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  • Turbo Blanket

    Turbo Blanket

    Turbo blankets are a great solution to keeping engine bay temperatures down. Our titanium turbo blankets are rated for 2,500°F and made of titanium, fiberglass, and kevlar. Sizes from T25 to T4 these will fit multiple applications. T25 is for smaller...

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  • TrackOne Beadroller

    TrackOne Beadroller

    TrackOne manual bead roller is meant for adding beads to aluminum piping with a wall thickness of up to 2.5mm.    The bead on the end of a piece of intake or boost pipe ensures a silicone coupler will not slide off when properly clamped...

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  • Street Coilovers VW Golf R (12+)

    Street Coilovers VW Golf R (12+)

    Model Part Number Application Spring Rate Street T1-11-1420 Volkswagen Golf R (2012+) Front 8K / Rear 8K   Street Coilovers are designed to give you the best ride quality without sacrificing any comfort or reliability. Our goal was to design...

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